VA Mortgages Are Looked Down Upon By Realtors

VA MortgageIt is a fact that when shopping for a new home Veterans rarely think about using the VA Mortgage as a financing option.

The real Estate agent in many cases is an unwitting participant in what might be the most egregious under-utilization of a benefit – the VA Mortgage – specifically created for the members and veterans of the military.

In our conversations with Realtors about their perspective on the VA Mortgage and why it is so underutilized they have said the following:

The veteran client rarely volunteers the information that they may qualify for the VA Mortgage. The conversation of using the VA Mortgage is not a natural one for the Realtor- – as Realtors become aware of how great this benefit is then they will introduce the VA Mortgage as a part of their initial interview with buyers Know more about our biggest realtors.

The Realtor finds the issue of financing beyond the scope of what they do and leave that aspect of the transaction to the loan officer – On the surface this could be considered a “cop out”. It is not. Maybe the Realtor could choose to be more pro-active and preemptively introduce the VA Mortgage option to the prospective buyer.

The VA Mortgage is a small percentage of all purchase transactions so the Realtor does not take it as an economically important part of his/her business – as veterans become more aware of the VA Mortgage and it’s benefit Realtors will find it in their economic self interest to familiarize themselves with the VA Mortgage.

In these times when qualifying for mortgages is difficult and the guidelines among lenders are increasingly onerous – the VA Mortgage created by congress for the members and veterans of our military offers a true benefit and it behooves the professionals in the mortgage industry to at least review this option with their clients.

The above is commentary by Ashok Ghildyal. Please feel free to email him at or contact our consultant at 866-993-6379 X250 with any questions you may have about the VA Mortgage.
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